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Care, Use and Installations for Your Cultured Marble Products

WARNING: The following list of products & chemicals react with cultured marble and are not recommended for use with any of Imperialˇ¦s products; Clorox, hypochlorite bleaches, hydrogen peroxide, Drain-o, lye, Sani-flush, sodium bisulfate compounds, fingernail polish remover, acetone, paint strippers, methylene chloride, Comet, Ajax, abrasive cleaners, and Plumberˇ¦s Putty.


SATIN/MATTE FINISH: Use a mild cleaner, soap or detergent for regular cleaning. If the product has a factory matte finish, then mild abrasive cleaners may be used. However, depending on the grit of the abrasive particles, they can leave noticeable scratch marks in the product that will have to be removed by sanding the entire piece. Prompt cleanup of spills will minimize stubborn stains. Protect the surface with regular applications of automotive wax. Imperialˇ¦s matte finish satin stone products can be easily restored when slight surface scratches appear. Repairing superficial scratches is a breeze on solid surface products. Sand lightly with 350-600 grit sand paper or buff with a plastic (not metal) household sponge. Follow up with an application of automotive wax. Deep scratches or chips should always be handled professionally.

GLOSS FINISH: This material is manufactured with a high-gloss coating called a gel-coat which becomes an integral part of the product. The gel coat layer is resistant to most staining agents. However, products containing harsh chemicals or acids (hair color, acetone nail polish remover, etc.) can damage the finish if allowed to remain on gel coat surface for an extended period of time. Any cleaning should be handled the same as the automotive finish on your car. Use a mild non-abrasive cleanser, soap or detergent with a soft cloth or sponge. (Do not use scotch-brite pads, scouring pads, steel wool, scrapers, or sandpaper) DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS. To remove hard water stains or mineral deposits, use one of the many cleaners sold for that purpose. Most cleaning chemicals will not damage the gel coat as long as they are not allowed to stand on the gel-coated surface for prolonged periods. Before using any cleaner, be sure to read the label for recommended usage and warnings. To remove fine scratches, scuffmarks or light stains from your high gloss product use an automotive buffing compound or baking soda and a hand held polisher. Deeper scratches may require wet sanding with an appropriate sandpaper (600, 800, 1000). To bring the shine back, buff with an automotive buffer and polishing compound. Do not use rubbing compound, as this is too coarse. A professional should handle deep scratches. You MUST be careful NOT to buff or sand through the gel coat surface. Once this is done, the piece is no longer protected in that spot.


Color Variation Just as real marble and cut stone have natural variations, the mix of background color and veining color are randomly dispensed through the supply line for the marble mixture. This mix is then fed into the molds by hand, thus creating more random patterns. Side splashes are made separately from vanity tops. Imperial cannot guarantee exact color match to vanity top. Due to color variation, no refunds will be given on side splashes ordered separately from vanity tops.

Color Samples Color samples are meant as a guide only. With any non-solid color, it is unrealistic to assume that the veining pattern cast in a 2¨ sample mold can exhibit the same pattern as that attained when casting on a much larger surface. Keep in mind when selecting or matching colors, lighting and reflection may affect color.

Installation/Removal Installation of our product is acceptance of its condition. Imperial does not warrant installation or removal of any of our products.

Deflection Cast products may develop some deflection depending on the time period, position, and temperature at which they have been stored. Vanity tops should be stored in temperatures below 95 and in an upright position (perpendicular to installed position) unless supported by a cabinet. Major deflection can be corrected by heating the part, then clamping to a cabinet and then allowed to cool.

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