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The IMPERIAL Difference

All cultured marble is not created equal. Nor are the companies that produce it. That's why so many of the most discriminating homeowners, decorators, builders and hospitality industry professionals choose products from Imperial. Imperialís cultured marble products are more durable, versatile and beautiful than many other related options. It starts with our exclusive use of stainless steel molds, which yield a product with an uncommonly smooth, lustrous, non-porous surface. This surface helps Imperial products resist damage from common problems such as; thermal cracking, staining, scratches, and burns, resulting in a product that appears new for many years. Imperialís vanity tops are thicker, and therefore, more durable than any other cultured marble tops in the industry.

Since we first opened our doors at Imperial we have been honing our craft and have created a process and a product that is far superior to anything else you will find in the business. The technological advancement that we have pioneered results in the strongest product on the market. 20 years ago we created the technology for spray granite resulting in our Satin Stone line. We did this to offer our customers a solid-surface-like product without a solid surface price. We are also known for our unique veining process that yields a faux marble finish no one has ever been able to match. Plus, Imperial offers an extensive variety of product designs, all of which are available in over 65 different colors. Not only does Imperial deliver the combination of class, elegance and style that today's customers demand; all of our products meet and exceed interior design and architectural design standards.

Imperial also provides custom cuts and custom colors and sizes to fit your specific design requirements. Back that up with our limited lifetime warranty, our do-what-it-takes approach to service, and our competitive pricing and it's no wonder that people who know cultured marble settle for nothing less than Imperial. Our vision at Imperial is to be the consumersí only choice in cast polymer products for the bath, home, hospitality, and construction industries.

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